Reviews Index

Here is an index of everything I have reviewed for Autistic Book Party, sorted by what my opinion was.

Highly Recommended – Short Form

[These are the cream of the crop, the best of the best autism stories. If the list of Recommended stories is too big and you don’t know where to start, start here.]

Recommended 1 – Books

[These stories portray autism well. You should read them.]

Recommended 2 – Books

[These stories don’t directly depict an autistic character, but they’re good introductions to the work of various authors who are autistic. Some were selected because they have themes which will resonate strongly with many autistic readers. Many also have important things to say about other forms of disability and diversity. If you want to support authentic autistic voices in science fiction, you should read these.]

Recommended 1 – Short Form

Recommended 2 – Short Form

Marginal – Books

[These books portray autism well, but only in a minor character or as a side note. The authors did a good job and it’s good that there are books like this, but if you are hunting for autistic books specifically, they are less relevant.]

YMMV – Books

[These stories have good points and bad points; readers will legitimately differ.]

YMMV – Short Form

Not Recommended – Books

[These stories portray autism badly, or have too many problems to be recommended. If you are interested in autism, they are best avoided.]

Not Recommended – Short Form

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