August updates

I’m back at home, piecing together the next steps for my academic work before the new school year starts, and being way way too obsessive about my LARP. It’s also been way too long since I had any writing news for you. BUT!

After the longest dry spell evar, I’ve suddenly made two new poem sales. YAY! (Seriously, according to the Grinder I think I went over 6 months without a non-reprint acceptance. Of course, it’s because I had hardly anything out on submission. Still.)

Both of them are critter poems, and both went to poetry markets I adore. One (the one with the octopi) will be in Strange Horizons. The other (the Hallucigenia sparsa one) will be in an upcoming issue of Liminality.

For those of you who like Twitter, I put together a Twitter list of autistic SFF authors.

Finally, the Invisible anthology – put together by Jim C. Hines, and containing an essay by me (in addition to many other wonderful diverse people) – appeared on the Hugo longlist for Best Related Work. This is quite splendid, and I’m glad the anthology got as much attention as it did. Jim posted saying all the Invisible authors should go do something nice for ourselves, so I bought myself something from iTunes. ^_^

I’m not in it, but if you liked Invisible, you might also consider reading Invisible 2.

Autism News, 2015/08/24

To start with:

Dating and sex:

Pan-disability posts:


Sad Things:

  • Kerima Cevik on how we respond inappropriately to hate crimes against autistic people [TW, um, descriptions of hate crimes?]
  • Sharisa Kochmeister, an autism activist and non-speaking person, was recently put into a nursing home against her will and denied access to the devices that allow her to communicate. Here is a petition to free her
  • Jim Jacobson on his inner autistic child [TW for… I actually don’t know? like I don’t know how to tell if this is literally about Dissociative Identity Disorder or if it is a metaphor? But either way, it’s difficult and important?]