Content Warnings for Resurrections


Variations on a Theme From Turandot: blood, death/execution, misogyny/rape culture, Orientalism, slavery, unreality, past sexual violence, mentions of torture

How I Knew My Professor Was a Faerie in Disguise: death

Jenny’s House: implied harm to children

Culvert Kelpie: implied death

Transitional Chords: ableist language, death, loss of mental health, misogyny/objectification

The Pattern of Eightfold Limbs: no warnings

Back Room: harm to children

Kraken Quatrain: fantasy violence

Nightmare II: mentions of death/injury, mention of rape

Harmony Amid the Stars: ableist language, blood/gore, death/implied murder, loss of memory, loss of mental health, racism, mention of suicide

Nightmare IV: (grim and surreal, not sure how to warn)

Melting Like Metal: ableism/loss of bodily autonomy, death/execution, totalitarianism, violence


The Giantess’s Dream: sexual content, implied loss of a child

Rabbit Pulls a Magician Out of Her Hat: no warnings

As Hollow as a Heart: mentions of death/murder

Bluebells: mentions of death/murder

A Lover, Asleep: no warnings

A Spell To Retrieve Your Lover From the Bottom of the Sea: no warnings

Married Men: infidelity, objectification

Snowflake: no warnings

The Herdsman of the Dead: death, eye injury, infidelity, loss of mental health, suicidal thoughts

Fairest of All: ableism, blood, child abuse, gaslighting, infidelity, intimate partner abuse, wildfire, mention of transphobia


The Button: mention of death, mention of war, mention of cancer

Who Do You Think You Are: no warnings

Five Songs and a River: death/drowning

A Glance Across the Ballroom: no warnings

Research Lab Electricity Usage Timesheet Reporting: workplace bullying

Dream Logic: mention of war, mention of epidemics

Across the Ice: internalized ableism


Minor Heresies: ableism, blood, children being indoctrinated, death/execution, racism, totalitarianism, workplace bullying, mention of child death, mention of terrorism, mention of torture

Prayer: A Cautionary Tale: bugs, gore, loss of bodily autonomy, spiritual trauma, surgery

The Scrape of Tooth and Bone: ableism, fantasy violence, misogyny, workplace bullying, mentions of death

Roar: no warnings

Held Tongue: blood/gore

The Raising of Lazarus: ableism, death, serious illness

I Sing Against the Silent Sun: death/execution, genocide, gore, totalitarianism, suicidal ideation, torture, violence, mention of rape