Emerge from the seas; guard your eggs from the storm; crawl inside a T-rex’s skull. On a time-traveling poetic journey from the Late Heavy Bombardment to the present day, Ada Hoffmann uses ancient life to explore questions of trauma, power, survival, and how we see ourselves.

Million-Year Elegies is my debut poetry collection – a book of 45 poems, all to do with dinosaurs and other ancient life.

40 of these poems are new and available nowhere else but in this collection. The others have been published in top-of-the-line speculative  magazines: Strange Horizons, Asimov’s, Mythic Delirium, Liminality, and Uncanny.

The cover is by Kelsey Liggett, who also provides interior illustrations.

Million-Year Elegies is available in Kindle ebook and paperback formats, exclusively from Amazon.