Monsters In My Mind – Table of Contents

Bolded entries are new works not published prior to this anthology. Italicized entries are poetry.

  1. You Have to Follow the Rules
  2. Self-Portrait as Bilbo Baggins
  3. And All the Fathomless Crowds
  4. Mama’s Sword
  5. Hippocamp
  6. Moon Laws, Dream Laws
  7. Memo From Neverland
  8. Goblin Love Song
  9. Atavist
  10. Lady Blue and the Lampreys
  11. A Certain Kind of Spider
  12. The Siren of Mayberry Crescent
  13. Evianna Talirr Builds a Portal on Commission
  14. The Mother of All Squid Builds a Library
  15. Turning to Stone
  16. Crocodile Tears
  17. The Self-Rescuing Princess
  18. The Dragon-Ship
  19. The Screech Owl Also Shall Rest There (written with Jacqueline Flay)
  20. Taylan
  21. Lament for a Faithless Prince
  22. Ekpyrotic Theory
  23. Feasting Alone
  24. Synchronicity
  25. How My Best Friend Rania Crashed a Party and Saved the World
  26. The Parable of the Supervillain
  27. The Company of Heaven
  28. Abominable Snowman
  29. Nightmare I
  30. Ribbons
  31. Blue Fever
  32. The Pyromancer
  33. The Mermaid at Sea World
  34. Finding Shadow
  35. An Operatic Tour of New Jersey, With Raptors
  36. Under the Clear Bright Waters
  37. Space Pops
  38. Zori Server
  39. Baku
  40. Sage and Coco
  41. Centipede Girl
  42. The Changeling’s Escape
  43. What Great Darkness
  44. Daphne Without Apollo
  45. Miss Sprocket Tinkers
  46. The Tooth Fairy Throws In the Towel
  47. The Wives of Miu Fum
  48. A Toast to the Hero Upon Her Defeat of the Wyrm of L’Incertain
  49. The Chartreuse Monster