What I loved reading in 2015

Feels weird doing this at the tail end of January, but better late than never.


Short Stories

Two of the stories I recommended for Autistic Book Party were also among my general favorites for the year. These are Rose Lemberg’s Birdverse stories, “Grandmother Nai-Leylit’s Cloth of Winds” and “Geometries of Belonging“.

Other favorites from the year include:

Heather Clitheroe, “Wild Things Got to Go Free“.

S.L. Huang, “By Degrees and Dilatory Time“.

Naomi Kritzer, “Cat Pictures Please“.

Kelly Link, “The Game of Smash and Recovery“.

Carmen Maria Machado, “Descent“.

Sam J. Miller, “When Your Child Strays From God“.


Long Poetry

By far the best long poem I read in 2015 was “Long Shadow” by Rose Lemberg. Here are other ones I very much enjoyed:

Theodora Goss, “Lady Winter“.

Theodora Goss, “Snow White Learns Witchcraft“.

Theodora Goss, “Swan Girls“.

Rose Lemberg, “archival testimony fragments / minersong“.

M. Sereno, “Adarna“.

This list makes my reading habits look much more limited and selective than they actually were. It’s my favoriting habits that were selective this year. I suppose I have particular tastes.


Short Poetry

Kayla Bashe, “Changeling Manifesto“.

Theodora Goss, “The Stepsister’s Tale“.

Peter Medeiros, “Dronin’“.

Virginia M. Mohlere, “Where Secrets Are Placed“.

Alyssa Wong, “For the Gardener’s Daughter“.