Creative AI, part 1: Visual Arts

I don’t often mention my graduate research on my writing blog. I use different names for each pursuit, and I like to keep them a little bit separate! But lately I’ve been questioning that approach, and when I told the folks at Can*Con about my research, they asked if I’d want to do a presentation or panel about it. I said yes. But I don’t know what in my field is most interesting to the average SFF fan, and nobody wants a presentation by an obsessed grad student who drones on and on about little technical details! So I’m going to do a blog series as a dry-run, giving very introductory information to see what people’s reactions are.

And what is my graduate research, you ask? My graduate research is how to make computers creative. I’m interested in making AI that can write, draw, or sing the way people do.

A lot of people don’t know much about this field, even at my own university. I’m going to do a series in 8 parts to tell you what kind of writing, drawing, singing etc our computers can already do right now.

Since we tend to think of visual art first when we hear the word “art”, I’ll start with visual art. Are you ready?
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Autism News, 2015/09/06

This autistic linkspam episode has some links that should have gone in the last one except I forgot to check my feed reader again before posting. 😛 I blame the post-LARP brain that I had that day. Anyway, here are more links.

  • Last news post I linked to a petition about Sharon Joy Kochmeister. Here’s Evil Autie explaining some complications to that case that I didn’t know about [TW abuse]
  • Also here’s a follow-up to Dani and Emma’s post about imposing behaviourism on oneself [TW more abuse]

Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of buzz about a book called NeuroTribes. It’s by an NT author who has extensively researched the history of autistic community and activism.