A tiny poem

Niteblade #30 is now out, and with it, my tiny poem “Abominable Snowman”. (Yes, the lines visible after that link are the whole poem – though with Niteblade that’s generally not the case.)

If you go here you can see Alexa Seidel, Niteblade’s poetry editor, saying some very kind things about the poem (and about my poem “The Mermaid at Sea World”, which was published in Niteblade earlier in the year).

Though I do have a small correction – “Abominable Snowman” isn’t a haiku. The number of syllables is wrong, and some other stuff (if you are a Japanese haiku traditionalist) is also wrong. It is merely a tiny three-line poem, but I am okay with that. 🙂

Please do check out the rest of the issue as well.

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  1. When BD (who is in charge of the website) saw your poem she was like ‘Dude, I’m not going to shorten this one. Everyone just gets it for free!’ and I was good with that 🙂

    It’s a fantastic piece, thank you for sending it our way 🙂

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