Today’s question (a day late >_<) is from Merc Rustad:

something in retaliation to dinosaurs, just because

Well, okay. I am sure you meant “relation”, but I am not above taking a typo and running with it!

Ladies and gentlemen! Enough with this dinosaur obsession! Sure, they are adorable with their scales and feathers and big cute reptilian eyes and the way that they stomp through the underbrush in their beautiful sleek ancient perfection but…


What was I saying?

Yes. ENOUGH! For all you have to do is watch any movie with “Jurassic” in the title to know that these adorable monsters are actually responsible for killing and eating huge numbers of people! Why should we stand for that? They were supposed to go extinct sixty-five million years ago anyway! It is time to destroy these so-called dinosaurs!

*sings the Mob Song from Beauty and the Beast*

Fear not, fair citizens, for we will take back our modern world and restore-

*gets eaten*

*is dead*