My Can*Con 2015 Schedule

Yep, I’ll be at Can*Con 2015 in Ottawa this coming weekend. I sadly won’t be able to stay to the end of the weekend due to work obligations, but you should be able to catch me Friday night or most of the time Saturday. I’ll be around.

Saturday, 10:00 AM: Amazing Short Fiction You Really Ought To Be Reading. The internet has given short fiction a real shot in the arm, and forms up to novella are making a big come-back. Panelists discuss remarkable works you’re missing out on. Nathan Burgoine, Ada Hoffmann, Amy Sisson, Amal El-Mohtar (m)

Saturday, 12:00 PM: Computational Creativity. Ada Lovelace said that a computer can’t create anything new. Today’s AI researchers are challenging that assumption by creating computer systems that can paint pictures, write poetry, compose music, and more. Are these computers creative, or does the creativity belong to their programmers? What would a computer have to do to be “really” creative? In this talk, we will see paintings made by robots, hear music improvised by them, and other cool things that challenge our notions of both art and intelligence. Ada Hoffmann

Saturday, 1:00 PM: Autism and its Portrayal in Fiction, TV, and Movies. What is autism and how accurately or inaccurately is it portrayed in the various fictional media. Ada Hoffmann, Leo Valiquette, Derek Newman-Stille (m), Robin Riopelle, Jennifer Carole Lewis