Good Stories From January/February

I’ve noticed that I often wait to signal boost this year’s stories – at least, in blog post form – until the very end of the year when everybody else is doing it and, consequently, everyone gets story-link fatigue. I think I’d like to change that in 2017. So here are some stories first published in 2017, totally unrelated to Autistic Book Party, that I really enjoyed these past two months.

Kat Howard, “Seven Salt Tears” (Lightspeed). A story about a girl and her mother and selkies and mermaids. I love the ocean imagery in this one and the poignant mood.

Iori Jusano, “Next Station, Shibuya” (Apex). A gorgeous story of a sentient city, full of detail. Also I apparently have a thing for stories about magical subways / trains.

Marissa Lingen, “Out of the Woods” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies). A Robin-Hood-like band of outlaws discover that the true king they are waiting for will never come home. A story about resistance and what can happen, for both good and ill, when rebellions are internally divided.

Charles Payseur, “A Lumberjack’s Guide to Dryad Spotting” (Flash Fiction Online). A gay couple have plans to better their lot through a forestry-related scheme. Eerie and morally ambiguous in a very relatable way.