Since 2014, this blog has been hosted on WordPress and mirrored on LiveJournal, where I still logged in frequently to read friends’ journals. Things happened with LiveJournal this year. Some people bailed immediately; I dithered and dithered until I realized that all the people I enjoy interacting with there have either picked up sticks and gone blog-only, or have moved to Dreamwidth.

So: Hi! I’m moving to Dreamwidth too. HI AGAIN OLD FRIENDS, and special hi to any new people who might be interested in this news.

I know most people are exporting all their old posts and transferring them to Dreamwidth. I elected not to do that, for a number of reasons. WordPress has been the primary host for my author blog for several years now. The content older than that is… eh. I had a strong feeling that I’m not going to miss it, and that I would prefer a fresh start.

The exception to this, of course, is older Autistic Book Party posts. ALL OF MY AUTISTIC BOOK PARTY REVIEWS HAVE BEEN BACKED UP. THEY ARE NOT LOST! But some links to them are going to be broken for a little while. (This would also have happened if I’d transferred all my old stuff to Dreamwidth, just in a different way.) I’ve decided I’d like to take the opportunity to repost them one at a time, as Vintage Autistic Book Party posts. This will allow me to bring some attention back to reviews I did before 2014, and also to make minor edits for things like typos (and for the new Recommended-1 and Recommended-2 categories). I hope you will enjoy the nostalgia over the next month or two, and not be too irritated by any broken links in the meantime. Eventually, once all the Vintage Autistic Book Party posts are back up, all the links will get fixed and everything will be hosted in one place, but I just don’t want to overload myself trying to fix them all at once.

Vintage Autistic Book Party will not affect the rate at which I produce new Autistic Book Party posts for my Patreon backers. The reverse may or may not be true.

I know this is a little bit of a weird way to do things, and I’m grateful to all of you (both on WordPress and LJ/Dreamwidth) for bearing with me as I do things in my own weird, behind-the-times way.