Cool Stories I Read In September and October

Dani Atkinson, “Bibliopothecary” (Cast of Wonders 270, September). Freakin’ adorbs. Makes me wish books were given out by perscription like this in real life, too. 😀

Gillian Daniels, “Persephone Kidnaps Him” (Liminality, Issue #13, September). I LIKE THIS SO MUCH MORE THAN THE ORIGINAL PERSEPHONE MYTH.

Vina Jie-Min Prasad, “Fandom for Robots” (Uncanny, Issue 18, September). ASDFGHJKL! This is SO CUTE. Who the heck doesn’t like cute robot stories? I feel like I need a “TEAM CUTE ROBOTS” jersey. (A. Merc Rustad would be the first to join me on this team.)

Delia Sherman, “At Cooney’s” (Uncanny, Issue 18, September). Not sure I’ve seen a queer time travel story like this before, except maybe in Captain America fanfiction? This one plays so skillfully with the topic of queer history, how we forget and remember our history, and what that does to us – how we have done both before, and will do them again.