Small bits of 2017 wrap-up

I wasn’t the best at updating this journal in the second half of 2017. Here are some little bits of news that never quite got shared:

  • Xan West was kind enough to include me in this large (and good) Storify: What we love about being neuroatypical.
  • The Scrape of Tooth and Bone” was named as a Notable Story (i.e. an honorable mention) in John Joseph Adams and Charles Yu’s Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017. (Yes, even though it is Canadian. Apparently “American” means both Canada and the U.S. now.)
  • I was named as one of the authors who’ve agreed to have work featured in Augur Magazine as part of their Kickstarter. Look for more on that in 2018.
  • Autistic Book Party also earned an honorable mention for the first annual D. Franklin Defying Doomsday Award for promoting disability representation in speculative fiction. The winner was the very worthy Disability in Kidlit.
  • Interviews with me appeared on Alyx Dellamonica’s Heroine Question blog (where I talk about my favorite astronauts) and on the AutPress website (where I talk about authors who inspire me) – the first parts of a small Monsters In My Mind blog tour that I hope to make bigger in mid/late January.