My Award Eligibility For 2018

It’s late for this – nominating for some awards is already almost over – but better late than never!

My very best work this year

If you want to nominate me for something, but only want one work per category, here’s what I would recommend.

Novelette: I Sing Against the Silent Sun, co-written by me and A. Merc Rustad, came out in Lightspeed this year. It’s one of the most powerful pieces I’ve had the privilege of working on, and it’s already garnered a mention on the BSFA Shorter Fiction Award longlist (thank you!)

Short Story: Variations on a Theme from Turandot appeared in Strange Horizons. It’s the most ambitious short story I’ve ever written, and still one of my favorites. I would be honored if, in your nominations, you’d consider this one too.

I also published two bits of flash fiction this year which some people have enjoyed:


There are fewer poetry awards floating around than short fiction ones, but in case you are voting for one, here’s the poetry I published this year.

I also published several original poems on Patreon:

  • The Sentry
  • “ads if privacy row”
  • Spaceship’s Block
  • singing teeth
  • Held Tongue

Fan Writing

I’m eligible for Best Fan Writer on account of Autistic Book Party, which posted a review (or a Smorgasbord) every month this year.

I also wrote the essay Everything Is True: A Non-Neurotypical Experience With Fiction, as part of Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction! A number of non-neurotypical readers have told me that this essay spoke to them on a deep level.

I’ve also been keeping track of my favorite fiction and poetry that I encountered from other authors this year. Hopefully I’ll have time to post that list before long, but until then, you can also see my recs throughout the year in my “Cool Story Bro” posts.