THE OUTSIDE release day!!

THE OUTSIDE, my debut space opera novel with queer autistic characters and cosmic horrors, releases TODAY!

You can get it immediately from your online or in-person bookstore of choice. Here’s a blurb:

Super-intelligent AI Gods rule the galaxy. Their algorithms determine the rewards you reap before and after death. But the Gods give and the Gods take away. And Yasira has never been good at Gods…

Autistic scientist Yasira Shien has developed a radical new energy drive on board the Pride of Jai that could change the future of humanity. But when she activates it, reality warps, destroying the space station and everyone left inside.

The Gods declare her work heretical, and Yasira is abducted by their agents. Instead of simply executing her, they offer mercy – if she’ll help them hunt down a bigger target: her own mysterious, vanished mentor.

With her homeworld’s fate in the balance, Yasira must choose who to trust: the Gods and their ruthless post-human angels, or the rebel scientist whose unorthodox mathematics could turn her world, literally, inside out. 

Advance praise for THE OUTSIDE has been plentiful and effusive. Here’s some. And here’s a list of purchase links. Happy reading!