MILLION-YEAR ELEGIES – now in print!

Surprise! The release date was supposed to be a month from now, but Amazon doesn’t like doing print pre-orders, so as soon as I uploaded the final print designs for Million-Year Elegies, it became available as a paperback. Happy accidental book day!

Here’s the purchase link on, and I’m told that it’s gone live on most of the other national Amazons as well. If you order now, in some areas, you might get the paperback delivered by Valentine’s Day, which would be a lovely treat if you or someone you love is into dinosaur poetry.

You can also read the table of contents, prologue, and acknowlegements with Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature.

The Kindle edition’s release date is still going to be March 9, and we’re also going to have the official launch event on Twitter on March 9 – stay tuned here for more announcements closer to that date.