Autistic Book Party

In late 2012 Jim C. Hines linked to me talking about autism and all of a sudden I had a ton of attention for a while. One of the things that people kept asking me, when the topic came up, was what I thought of autism in specific books, and whether I had read a particular book they were thinking of. Usually the answer was “no”. I looked around, and realized that people were actually interested in this topic, but nobody was writing about it, and nobody was reviewing books from a specifically autistic perspective.

So I went “Hey, I could do that.”

Autistic Book Party was an irregular review series which ran from 2011-2023. This post explains why it is no longer being updated. I am no longer accepting new review copies or additions to the Book List.

The old reviews and the old Autistic Book List are still hosted here as archival resources only.

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