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In late 2012 Jim C. Hines linked to me talking about autism and all of a sudden I had a ton of attention for a while. One of the things that people kept asking me, when the topic came up, was what I thought of autism in specific books, and whether I had read a particular book they were thinking of. Usually the answer was “no”. I looked around, and realized that people were actually interested in this topic, but nobody was writing about it, and nobody was reviewing books from a specifically autistic perspective.

So I went “Hey, I could do that.”

Autistic Book Party is an irregular reviews series. Currently I’m only able to do one every few months, but that could change. I pick up a book which is about autistic characters or by an autistic author, read it, and then go into great geeky detail about how they portrayed autism and why I liked or didn’t like it.

You can see an organized list of reviews here, or you can jump right into the reviews on LJ here.

I’m also keeping a list (here) of books like this that I haven’t had time to read yet, so if you want to check out All The Autistic Books for yourself, it is now easy to do so. You can also comment here or there and recommend more books that should go on the list, or corrections to the current listings.

I happily accept review copies of books that fit the theme of Autistic Book Party, but please read a few of my previous reviews first to get a sense of what I’ll do with them. I tend to review just the portrayal of autism, not the rest of the book, especially if the author is NT. I try to be polite, but when I don’t like something, I say so (often at great length). If that’s okay with you, I’d love to hear from you.

Currently, for accessibility reasons, I am only accepting physical review copies, not e-copies. If you would like to send me one, please query with an email to ada [dot] the [dot] space [dot] pod [at] gmail.

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