Also, because people keep asking me this

Yes, I have seen Community. Or rather, I have seen the first two episodes of Community during a visit with my partner a couple of months back, while eating ice cream. But whatever. I have become acquainted with the characters. Yes, Abed appears to be as amazing as y’all says he is.

However, much to my disappointment, Community isn’t only a show about Abed Nadir. It also has Pierce Hawthorne, who is basically everything I hate most about humanity rolled into one awful, entitled, transparently manipulative and over-familiar package.

No, really, I seriously cannot stand Pierce. I told my partner I would rather stick the cold ice cream spoon into my eye socket than watch another episode with Pierce in it. So we stopped watching. I don’t know why this particular thing about the show bothers me more than all the casual racism/sexism/ableism/homophobia on The Big Bang Theory, but it does. (Although I also haven’t really been watching Big Bang Theory either for the past couple of years, and I’m sort of okay with that.)

So, yeah. From what I’ve seen, Abed is a MUCH more interesting and less problematic character than Sheldon. But if you want an analysis containing more than one sentence, y’all are gonna have to find another blogger.