Back in February I did a guest post – “Autism, Representation, Success” on Jim C. Hines’ blog, as part of a guest post series on why representation in fiction is important, and on various people’s experiences with representation in SFF fandom. My post was on why autism representation is complicated, and why deep down I don’t always want to see autistic people in fiction being heroic and good and successful, even though I feel like that’s what I should want. Other people who participated had fascinating posts on race, gender, sexuality, physical disabilities and other things.

Jim has now compiled all these posts (and a few extra bonus ones) into a non-fiction ebook!

Invisible is available for $2.99 on all the usual retail sites, with all proceeds going to Con or Bust.

The anthology is designed to serve as a visceral answer to the question, “Why does representation matter?” I think it succeeds very well at that goal. I learned things from all the different posts in the series, and you should, too.