Autism News, 15/09/2014

The autism news this month is a doozy; there are several different unrelated Sad Things making the rounds. First, though, some miscellaneous non-sad news:

  • Leah Kelley interviews Lei Wiley-Mydske about the Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Lending Library
  • Jim C. Hines on writing his autistic character in the Libriomancer books, Nicola Pallas
  • M. Kelter on proprioception and the sense of self
  • Real Social Skills on how to accept disability without putting pressure on yourself to like everything about it
  • Corina Becker on autism and grief
  • Alyssa Hillary on why Tumblr has an #actuallyautistic tag

In the wake of Ferguson, a lot of people have been reflecting on interactions between disabled people and law enforcement – particularly for disabled people of colour.

Kelli Stapleton, an “autism parent” blogger who attempted a murder-suicide of her 14-year-old autistic daughter last year, recently pled guilty to first-degree child abuse. This has renewed the debate online about how to discuss this and similar cases.

Meanwhile, a new study reveals what disability advocates have been saying for years – that a lack of sex education puts disabled people at risk in multiple respects, including a heartbreakingly high rate of sexual victimization.

Other sad things:

That’s it for this post; now go have some chocolate, if you made it to the end, and cheer yourself up!!