Autism News: 2018/06/09

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Other stuff about autistic women!


  • The White House joined the Light It Up Blue campaign this year, despite widespread criticism from self-advocates. Here is an ASAN statement about it.
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services are considering barring immigrants with disabilities:
  • ADAPT has been protesting to get other advocacy organizations to join with them in support of the Disability Integration Act, which prevents officials and insurance companies from denying community-based services to disabled people. The AARP called the police on them, but no arrests were made.
  • Doug Ford, the recently elected premier of Ontario, has a lot of problems. The insulting comments he made about a group home for autistic people, including saying that autistic children and teens in such a home should not be allowed outside and that their presence ruined the community, are just one.

Posts about social masking and its costs:

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Special Sad Things Section on the Judge Rotenberg Center and #StopTheShock:

Special Sad Things Section with a TW for Nazis:

Other Sad Things:

Autism News, 2018/04/11

April is Autism Awareness/Acceptance/Whatever Month, so let’s start with two posts about that.

Posts about “Autism Uncensored”:

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Parent perspectives:

Posts about autistic people being treated terribly:

Posts about autistic people being treated not-terribly:

Posts about what life is like in general:


Autism News, 07/03/2018

An accidental trilogy of posts about intelligence, IQ, and oppression:

Other posts about disability and oppression:

Elizabeth Bartmess on good autistic representation in fiction: a three-part series

Movie and television reviews:

Posts about bad parents and their memoirs of their bad parenting:

Other media and reviews:

On the Parkland shooting:

On intersections within autism:


  • Shira Rubin on autism therapy robots  (There is more pathologizing language in this article than I would like, especially at first, but it also has some interesting information, especially where it lists potential problems with the robots.)
  • For Black History Month, Finn Gardiner tells the story of “Blind Tom” Wiggins, who may have been an autistic savant
  • Amy Sequenzia on the difference between “independent living” and real independence

Autism News, 2018/01/27

More from Rose Lemberg’s “Writing While Autistic” series:

  • On autistic inertia
  • On giving oneself permission to write – and permission not to write  (This one hit me especially hard; in fact, I have been changing aspects of how I schedule my time because of it and the conversations that came out of it.)
  • On identity

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Autism News, 2017/12/01

Rose Lemberg is making a cool series right now about writing while autistic, and I am linking to everything in the series because it’s wonderful.

Politics and government:

Sexuality and relationships:

Pan-disability posts:

Posts about safety and crisis situations:


Autism News: 2017/10/26

I have once again managed to neglect my Autism News posts for a few months, so now you folks are getting a NICE BIG ONE.

Posts about how people treat us:

Posts about personal experiences:

Posts about online advocacy and the politics of language:

Posts about American politics and core disability policy:

Other pan-disability and policy stuff:

  • Christopher Knaus explains how NDIS disability insurance is being rolled out too fast in the UK
  • Russ Choma on how airlines and the Trump administration are delaying implementing improvements to how US airlines handle wheelchairs
  • Mac McClelland on what happens to Americans who are found not guilty by reason of insanity (TW: institutionalization; medical/psychiatric abuse; descriptions of violent crimes, including sexual crimes and crimes against children.)

Media and reviews:

  • Elizabeth Cassidy explains why having characters who meet all the diagnostic criteria for autism isn’t the same as having realistic autistic characters
  • Eric Deggans summarizes autistic people’s reactions to “Atypical” and “The Good Doctor”
  • Maxfield Sparrow writes a nuanced review of “The Good Doctor”
  • Sarah Pripas reviews “Dina”, a documentary about an autistic couple getting married
  • Nicole and Meadow Panteleakos review “A Boy Called Bat”
  • Chavisory explains the problem with portraying autistic characters as naive. (This is one of those “I think I knew this, but I didn’t have language to say it” type posts for me. It’s a great description of a pervasive problem in a way I haven’t seen before. I might start linking to it in Autistic Book Party reviews once in a while.)


  • Bec Oakley has a good 101 post about fidget tools
  • Jessica Wright on autism and anxiety
  • J.R. Jackson explains why authors living on disability payments might not want to be paid for their writing
  • Maxfield Sparrow on how to explain death and dying to autistic children. (This is really good and detailed. TW for death, obviously, and a couple of other things listed at the beginning of the article.)

Autism News, 2017/07/16

Law enforcement news:

Media and reviews:

Australian politics:

Canadian politics:


  • M. Kelter interviews Art Shectman about Ultra Testing, a tech firm that hires autistic employees
  • Another company, EY, is also getting into the business of autistic hiring

On stereotypes and prejudice:


Sad Things:

Autism News, 2017/04/21

April is Autism Month – Autism Awareness Month to some, and Autism Acceptance Month to others, and sometimes just the annoying month where we have to listen to more Autism Speaks propaganda than usual – so there’s been a lot of news!

Shannon des Roches Rosa has been making some good 101 posts this month at The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism:

Pan-disability politics and policy, from the US:

  • Michelle Diament on how new U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch deals with disability cases
  • S.E. Smith on why more disabled people are employed in some US states than others
  • The U.S. Supreme Court recently made an important decision about disability and the death penalty(For anyone who needs more evidence about why representation in fiction matters, this article describes how the state of Texas has literally been evaluating people’s eligibility for the death penalty based on their resemblance to a fictional character.)
  • Elsa Sjunesson-Henry on protesting while disabled

From Canada and the UK:

Posts about ABA:

Media and writing:

Sad things:

  • Lifestyle Solutions, an Australian nonprofit that manages group homes for disabled people, is under investigation for abuse and neglect causing a series of deaths.  (TW: In addition to what it says on the can, there is also mention of sexual assault. I have not watched the video that accompanies the article but, based on the description, would not recommend doing so.)
  • Amelia Hill interviews three autistic mothers of autistic children (TW: all three mothers discuss, among other things, a fear of social services taking their children away; abuse by third parties is also mentioned.)


Autism News, 2017/03/25

For mental health reasons (I’m fine now, I just got overloaded by world events for a bit) I did not collect autism news during the months of January and February. I will not be making any attempt to retroactively collect news from this time: today’s Autism News post is for the news cycle starting March 1. Thanks for understanding.

Let’s start this cycle off with some political content: an ASAN toolkit on contacting your elected representatives.

Media and reviews:

About diagnosis:

About fun and play:


Sad things:

  • M. Yergeau on the rhetoric of filicide.  (Um, this post is GRAPHIC. Take the filicide TW SERIOUSLY, please. If you can stomach it, it says some important things.)
  • Lisa Daxer’s Autism Memorial has two new entries for autistic people who were killed this March: 1 [2] 


Autism News, 2017/01/02

U.S. politics news:

  • On Buzzfeed, 13 disabled activists talk about their reactions to the American election
  • ASAN is joining the newly formed Modern Medicaid Alliance, advocating for the importance of Medicaid in American disabled people’s lives
  • ASAN statement on the nomination of Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General, and why this nomination is dangerous for disabled people (among others)
  • The state of Michigan passed legislation to severely restrict and regulate the use of restraint and seclusion on K-12 students. (TW: descriptions of specific instances of restraint and other ableist treatment)

Posts about self-advocacy:

Pan-disability news:


Sad Things Other Than Trump: