Autism News: 2018/06/09

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  • The White House joined the Light It Up Blue campaign this year, despite widespread criticism from self-advocates. Here is an ASAN statement about it.
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services are considering barring immigrants with disabilities:
  • ADAPT has been protesting to get other advocacy organizations to join with them in support of the Disability Integration Act, which prevents officials and insurance companies from denying community-based services to disabled people. The AARP called the police on them, but no arrests were made.
  • Doug Ford, the recently elected premier of Ontario, has a lot of problems. The insulting comments he made about a group home for autistic people, including saying that autistic children and teens in such a home should not be allowed outside and that their presence ruined the community, are just one.

Posts about social masking and its costs:

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Special Sad Things Section on the Judge Rotenberg Center and #StopTheShock:

Special Sad Things Section with a TW for Nazis:

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2 Replies to “Autism News: 2018/06/09”

  1. ASAN’s been working on electric skin shock and JRC issues for like. Ever? Since 2012-2014, at least when they started publishing stuff on their website about it. So I think that’s important to note – that they didn’t start doing it just this year.

    (So have other autistic activists, like Lydia Brown and Shain Neumeier).

    1. Oops, that’s a good point. Just because they posted a statement about it recently doesn’t mean that’s the first time they did something. My mistake!

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