Friendly reminder that medicated people are not zombies

Zombies* are not people. Zombies are mindless, infectious cannon fodder. The thing to do when meeting a zombie is to either run away or kill it before it infects you.

People are not zombies.

People who need to take medicine, but feel slow, fogged, or confused because of side effects of this medicine, are not “turned into zombies”. They are still people.

People who are put on medicine against their will, or unnecessarily, and who experience these same side effects, are not “turned into zombies”. They are still people.

If you are have actually experienced one of the above and describe yourself as feeling like a zombie, I am not going to judge. You can describe yourself how you like. What annoys me is when people who are not on medicine describe people who do take medicine in this way, in order to make a point about how terrible medicine is.There are a lot of legitimate complaints to be made about overmedication of certain groups, and about the practices of large Western pharmaceutical companies. You can make those complaints without dehumanizing the people who are most affected by what you’re complaining about. Kthx.


*In the standard popular culture depiction. I am aware there are variants. That’s sort of not the point. 😛