Autism News, 2015/05/11

Wow. So much happened during/after Autism Month, I’ve been having trouble keeping up with it all! But here is your vaguely-sorta-monthly-ish dose of autism stuff that has happened online.

Since it’s Acceptance Month (to many of us), here is some acceptance stuff:

An autistic 11-year-old named Kayleb Moon-Robinson was arrested and charged with felony assault for knocking over a trash can and struggling against a policeman.

Disability in Kidlit’s Autism On the Page event was very cool. And VERY relevant to my interests.

Other stuff in the actual, newspaper-y news:

  • Microsoft has a plan to hire autistic people for full time jobs (but frustratingly few details?)
  • Research (by an autistic researcher!) into autism and sexuality
  • An autistic boy whose school did not want to let him attend graduation
  • A 15-year-old autistic girl and her family were kicked off a plane for requesting accomodations