Autism News, 2015/10/06

Everyone’s still talking about NeuroTribes by Steve Silberman. Here are some more reviews:

A woman named Anna Stubblefield was convicted of raping a nonspeaking disabled man in the UK. Although the man in question is capable of communicating using AAC, his testimony was not used in the trial. If you can deal with the triggers that are inherent in this topic, there is some worthwhile analysis of the case

Meanwhile, science!

The U.S. Department of Education criticized overreliance on ABA in developing education plans for autistic students

Donald Trump attributed autism to the use of vaccines in a US presidential primary debate.

There was some drama at Autcom, a conference for autistic people, because of Autcom’s failure to meet or take seriously people’s access needs, including needs that they’d promised to take seriously in previous years. If you want to read about the drama, here are some good posts: