Autism News: 2016/12/04

Well, I haven’t made an Autism News post since before the American election, so we need to address that. All of you have presumably already read a million thinkpieces about the election, but there is less being spread around from a disabled point of view than from some others, so here are some important election-related posts by disabled people.

(Note: I’m not completely sure how to TW this section properly. Please assume, as with the Sad Things section, that everything that sounds like it might be negative/triggering is what it says on the can.)

But not all of us live in the US! Here are some slightly less terrible things that are happening in the UK.

Some useful psychological information:

Some posts about personal experiences:


Some activism, and some posts about how to do activism:


  • Autism Speaks removed the word “cure”, and many other pathologizing/stigmatizing terms, from their mission statement. (While this change is too little too late for many autistic people, it’s still really interesting news!)
  • Brent White and Lindsey Anderson give a presentation on understanding and coping with meltdowns.

And finally, the Sad Things section. (Or should that be Sad Things Other Than Trump?)

  • The fire in California which killed four disabled men and their caregiver has been confirmed to be arson-related, and potentially a murder-suicide.
  • Lisa Daxer’s Autism Memorial logged six known times in October and November when autistic people were killed for being autistic: [1] 2 3 4 [5] [6]

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  1. If you are interested in Autism related news, you should check out one of Riverside County News Source’s featured reporters; a young woman living very successfully with Autism. With her family’s help she produces a monthly video series called Sara’s Town.

    Sara is absolutely amazing and we are blessed to have her as one of our regular contributors.

    Here is a link to her most recent video:

    Here is a link to a story I wrote about here video series:

    1. That sounds delightful, Trevor. I’m often less inclined to view videos than to read text, but I’ll check that series out.

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