Autistic Book Party PATREON LAUNCH

I am extremely excited to announce that I’ve just finished putting together a Patreon for Autistic Book Party. It’s really for all of my writing, and there are reward tiers that involve cool story- and poem-related rewards. But I was especially thinking of my Autistic Book Party reviews when I put this together.

The actual reviews that I do for Autistic Book Party will always be public and free. But sometimes money constrains what I can and can’t review at a given time. After literally being told by a friend that they’d pay money to see me review certain things, I got thoughtful. With just a little bit of money a month from people who appreciate my reviews, maybe I could vastly expand my access to different kinds of autistic books – and maybe I could use that expanded access to better meet readers’ needs.

For as little as $1/month, you can become an Autistic book Party backer and vote on which autistic SFF books I’ll review next. When we reach a total of $50/month, backers – all backers – will also be able to nominate the books that we vote on. At $100/month, I’ll be able to open it up to things that aren’t just books: you can vote to get my opinion on the latest SFF move, TV show, podcast, or anything else with autistic characters in it.

If that wasn’t enough, there are also reward tiers with reprints that you can’t find anywhere else, sneak peeks at WIPs, cat pictures, custom poem prompts, and more.

Check it out here. And don’t touch that dial – because very soon I believe I’ll have an even more exciting announcement to make!

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