A blog tour roundup!

I did a small blog tour for MONSTERS IN MY MIND in December and January, in which I was interviewed or guest blogged in various places. Now the blog tour is complete (I think), so here are all the links gathered up in one place for your perusal:

  • On A.M. Dellamonica’s Heroine Question blog, I talk about Julie Payette (now Canada’s Governor General) and what outer space meant to tiny!Ada.
  • On the Autonomous Press blog, I talk about what speculative fiction means to me and who inspires me.
  • On Elizabeth Bartmess’s blog, I talk about monsters, relationships, and reviewing.
  • On Jill Seidenstein’s Slow Bloom blog, I talk about identity, LARP, life skills, my literary ancestry, and the books I lend out most.
  • On A.C. Wise’s blog, I talk about titles and collection designs, and about poetry written by robots.
  • On Christina Vasilevski’s Books and Tea blog, I talk more about monsters, mother/daughter relationships, how I view technology, and what it means to exclude and be excluded.