INCOMING! – Read the first three chapters of THE OUTSIDE for free!

Are you excited for THE OUTSIDE? Are you impatient to start reading? Then I have good news, because Angry Robot just released its INCOMING! sampler with free previews of all its upcoming 2019 novels, including mine!

INCOMING! contains the first three chapters of THE OUTSIDE, in which you’ll meet Yasira – my #ownvoices autistic protagonist – her adorable girlfriend Tiv, the space station where she is working, a priest conducting a service in honor of the AI gods, some harrowing space station malfunctions, and two rather sinister angels.

This is the first time anywhere that these chapters have been available to read. I am SO PUMPED to be able to share them with you now!

INCOMING! also contains free previews of Wesley Chu’s alien sci-fi THE FALL OF IO; Darius Hinks’ epic fantasy THE INGENIOUS; Dan Moren’s galactic spy thriller THE BAYERN AGENDA; Kameron Hurley’s military sci-fi THE LIGHT BRIGADE; and Anna Kashina’s epic fantasy SHADOWBLADE. Go get ’em!