A Note For Dreamwidth Friends

Hello, Dreamwidth friends! I have been terribly, horribly negligent about the plugin I use that has been mirroring my posts from WordPress to Dreamwidth, and I somehow failed to realize that I had changed my password and that the mirroring stopped working. In, like, April. Whoops. Like, I was still reading my Dreamwidth friends list but just… not posting anything that showed up.

I believe I’ve fixed the problem. I believe I am also THE WORST at this. If you’ve missed me, here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been up to these past six months.

First of all:

A few things I wrote around the web as promo for THE OUTSIDE:

Other new work:

  • “Fairest of All,” a queer autistic changeling novelette, is out in the Jubilee issue of The Future Fire. (TW: abuse themes)
  • “The Evil Eye,” a prose poem, is up on Patreon. (TW: also abuse themes)
  • “Disability in Star Wars,” a fannish nonfiction essay.

Autistic Book Party posts:

Cool Story, Bro:

Enjoy! It should be back to normal from here on out on Dreamwidth.