NEW STORY: Melting Like Metal

Melting Like Metal is out in this month’s issue of Lightspeed. This is a new short story in THE OUTSIDE’s universe, from Enga Afonbataw Konum’s point of view.

If you ever wanted more of Enga’s own feelings about her abilities & disabilities, about Akavi and Elu, about Nemesis and the missions she goes on for the Gods, and even a hint of her backstory, it’s all here – including some twists.

If you haven’t read THE OUTSIDE and don’t know who Enga is, this story should still be newcomer-friendly for you. Prepare for Evil Space Opera starring a non-speaking autistic badass cyborg who’s ready to wreck some heretics – along with maybe other things.

(Content warning for a lot of stuff about meltdowns, restraint/seclusion, and ableism generally)