Broken Eye Books Kickstarter!

You might remember that, in the spring, my short story “Back Room” was published on the Broken Eye Books Patreon. Broken Eye uses a Patreon-first publishing model, in which Patreon backers get to see the stories first, and they’re later collected into anthologies.

“Back Room” was for an anthology called “Cooties Shot Required” – themed around Weird stories, written for grown-ups, but with children as the central characters. My take on that theme involved two non-neurotypical sisters getting lost in an overwhelming store at the mall – which turns out to be much bigger, and much stranger, than they supposed.

Broken Eye Books is now kickstarting their ninth anthology, “Whether Change, The Revolution Will Be Weird.” And “Cooties Shot Required” is involved with this Kickstarter in several ways:

  • By pledging US $12 or more, you can get both “Whether Change” and “Cooties Shot Required” as a kickstarter reward – to my knowledge, this is the first time the full “Cooties Shot Required” anthology has ever been available for purchase. $40 will get you both anthologies in paperback, and $70 will get them to you in hardcover.
  • Plus, if the Kickstarter reaches its $15,000 stretch goal, both anthologies will open to unsolicited submissions. You could be TOC-mates with me! (Not to mention the other wonderful names who’ve already written “Cooties Shot Required” stories – including Brandon O’Brien, Sheree Thomas, and Damien Angelica Walters.)

I’ve worked with Broken Eye Books before, in their “Ride the Star Wind” anthology (which contains a short story set in THE OUTSIDE’s universe) and really enjoyed the experience.

So if Weird short fiction, children, and revolutions are your thing (and, honestly, who can say in times like these that revolution isn’t their thing?) and you have budget to spare, then definitely check the Kickstarter out.