It’s four days until THE FALLEN drops onto bookshelves! I’m so excited.

If you follow me on Twitter, I’ll be introducing a new pair of characters from this book every day until the launch – some of them characters we first got to know in THE OUTSIDE, others new to this book. Plus extras like playlists, Pinterest, and a uquiz – when that tweet series is done, I’ll be sure to round them all up in one big post for people who prefer a longer form.

Here’s some of the other events that are happening very soon:

TODAY (July 9), 3pm-5pm EDT: I, along with a whole bunch of Angry Robot authors, will be doing a collective Ask Me Anything event on The actual thread will be started real soon now so that people can start pre-populating it with questions before the authors arrive.

July 13 (LAUNCH DAY): Angry Robot’s “What the SFF?” podcast will be doing a giveaway!

From NOW until July 15: The Fantasy Hive is also doing a giveaway of both books on Twitter. They have also posted an exclusive excerpt from THE FALLEN – the first time any scene from the book has been available for free online!!

More events, including a virtual launch party a couple of days after the 13th, will be announced very soon!