New Story: The Hedge-Witch of Welland

My story “The Hedge-Witch of Welland” is out now in the Summer 2021 issue of Kaleidotrope!

This story was co-written with Jacqueline Flay. It’s a post-apocalyptic story about two witches living in a little cottage near Niagara Falls, dinosaurs, survivor guilt, and healing.

It was a very long road to publishing this one – to give you some idea, it was first accepted by the “Start a Revolution: QUILTBAG Transmutations” anthology back in 2014, which was sadly never published – and “Start a Revolution” wasn’t the first place we submitted it to. I’m so happy to see it finding a home online at last.

Content Notes: “The Hedge-Witch of Welland” has a happy ending, but it does contain depictions of physical and religious abuse in flashback scenes.