Autistic Reader Month: Week One

My Substack has been updating 4x/week with autistic reader interviews! I decided not to spam people off-Substack with links every single day (and, er, this recap is late because it was a holiday weekend and I forgot) but here’s your round-up of who we talked to in the first week:

April 3: Jes Battis

“Neurodiversity and gender diversity are often intertwined, so I think I tend to connect with characters who are figuring out their own bodies and minds.”

April 4 (subscribers only): Chelsey Flood

“A lot of autistic people use alcohol as a way to hide their differences and sensitivities, and so I hope writing about my experience will help them feel less alone.”

April 5: Andi C. Buchanan

“There‚Äôs a way I recognised myself not just in autistic or even autistic coded characters, but in characters who had a singular passion and focus.”

April 6: Cleoniki Kesidis

“The way society works is very chaotic. I connect best with books where the world is also portrayed as chaotic and wild and unexpected, and the characters have big struggles alongside their big joys.”


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