Autistic Reader Month: Week Four

Here’s who we interviewed on Everything Is True this week:

April 24: S.J. Groenewegen

“[Special interests] were particularly intense during my teenaged years, and I now ponder whether it was partly my brain’s way of dealing with the hormonal storm of adolescence.”

April 25 (subscribers only): Caitlin Starling

“I love any book (fiction or non) with a narrator/protagonist who really knows their stuff, and where the author has also taken a clear delight in researching and writing about the topic.”

April 26: Mad McDaniel

“The romantic formula always feels to me as if the author is stealing their autonomy by forcing them toward that happily ever after.”

April 27: E.A. Alderdice

“SFF is comforting escapism but it’s also a safe place in which to explore stressful and scary issues. I go to SFF to look at alternative ways of being, thinking, and doing.”

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