Autistic Reader Month: Week Three

Here’s who we nterviewed on Everything Is True this week:

April 17: Koda Joie

“All of my stories will have autistic representation because I am autistic and it’s quite impossible for me to write a neuro-typical story. Who I am is my voice, and my voice will tell these stories.”

April 18 (subscribers only): Bogi Takács

“I actually like a combination of both, where there are both humans and aliens, humans and robots, etc. and they can all have different kinds of neurotypes. I don’t frequently find this in fiction!”

April 19: C.M. Crockford

“Some of my favorite works of fiction also tend to serve as philosophy or a challenge – my brain frankly gets bored with any media which can only offer up what I already know.”

April 20: Z.J. Cannon

“The imperative to be likeable reminds me too much of my time in school, when I had friends trying to make me over against my will to render me more socially acceptable.”

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