So yesterday I wrote a mini rant on Twitter about character agency, and how it is actually a function of plot, not of what type of character you have.

It went viral and got posted on io9, which is quite astounding. Some people even told me they were using it to start discussions in writing and game design classes. I didn’t know that was even a thing.

I thought of writing a longer and more coherent version here (complete with corrected grammar >.> ) but considering how many people seem to like it the way it is, I think I’ll let it stay that way.

Though, to be honest, I prefer the Storify version made by Merc Rustad, because it includes some really good additional points that Rose Lemberg made. I talk in the Twitter rant about female characters, but the logic here really applies to all characters, especially marginalized characters (queer, PoC, disabled, trans, or whatever else) who are very frequently sidelined.

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  1. Just had to say I LOVED this rant and it really made me think. It’s a marvelous point that reminds writers that they must create stories in which the characters have an opportunity to ACT, to BE ACTIVE instead of passive and stymied. Thanks for the brain food!

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