A Dreamwidth update!

Apparently my WordPress-Dreamwidth synchronization keeps not working and I keep not noticing that it’s failing to work until like… months after the fact. Nine months after the fact, in this case. I’m sorry! Okay so if you’re on Dreamwidth and you’re wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to since May 2020, which was definitely ten thousand years ago in pandemic time, here’s the deets:


  • My first poetry collection, MILLION-YEAR ELEGIES, will release from Kindle Direct Publishing on March 9. This collection of dinosaur poetry uses ancient life to explore themes of trauma, power, survival and how we see ourselves. Due to an Amazon glitch, the paperback version is actually already available.
  • THE FALLEN is, of course, still on track to release in July.

Short stories/poetry:

Autistic Book Party


I’m sorry I’ve neglected you, Dreamwidth friends! I read all your posts and enjoy them, I just… forget to be “there” in any visible way, sometimes. Hopefully the glitch is fixed, though, for now.